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How To Know When You've Hit 50
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How do you know, when you’ve hit 50?

Is it that you have to ask them, to go a little more slow?

Is it when you don’t know what marbles are?

Let alone lose them

Or when you can’t make your drinks stretch quite as far?

Let alone abuse them

Possibly it’s when the height of rebellion

Is no longer when you riot

But when you have a biscuit millennium

Instead of sticking to the diet

Maybe it’s when pegs, trousers and shirts

Are the first things to spring to mind

Along with shorts and skirts

When someone says the word on-line



Or maybe it’s when you learn to accept

That you should look on the bright side of life

Or when you learn not to regret

The things that once brought you strife

Maybe it’s when the phrase with age comes wisdom

Holds meaning and with style

You learn to forgive them

That couldn’t return the favour all the while

So they may laugh and joke

Now you’re a half-centurion

But you’ll have the sweeter yoke

Not the thin skin that’s assuring them

So don’t worry when you forget where the car keys go

Or ask them again, to take it a little more slow

Just smile contently to yourself and then you’ll know

You’ve truly hit the big 50

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