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Our World
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Sometimes I stumble and stutter

And fall at the task

Of answering all the questions

People repeatedly ask

And they laugh and they laugh

When I don’t understand their word for a ball

An udder or a hand

But when I argue, it could be different in another land!

They dismiss this call

How can things be different

To the way we command?

What a preposterous suggestion!

A baloney digestion!

There can be no other way but the way we know they cry

Everything we have, we have because we have, so why even change or try?

But I look around me

And see the results of their solid ideas

They made life better they claim

But this only realises my fears

Are we too stuck in our ways?

To realise it’s not copper that pays?

Or that our constant Wi-Fi and oil connection

Is sending the world in a downwards spiralling direction?

And what about the wars groups wage?

Over their beliefs or blind greed

They wave their guns with impassioned rage 

The god’s back our side and our side you will heed!

You blundering fool they laugh

They is no other way to run our land

But by power, money, hand shaking and gas

Well allow me to argue, there is another way yet unplanned.

It all starts with observation

Look around and what do you see?

Children born to the promise of starvation

The promise never broken, they’re forever hungry

But why?

I hear you cry

Why does this happen at all?

It’s the luck of the draw where you’re born

And if you’re born there you’ll surely die

But this order seems so tall

Perhaps if they had enough copper or paper

Then they could afford to live

But it seems it is in some human’s nature

To take more than they give

So we invented the idea of money

Because we never learnt to share

Some people think it’s funny

To take more than what is fair

So a value is put on human life

How much are you worth for a bag of rice?

If you can’t pay the price

Then all that’s certain is demise

But the government will defend you, and give you their protection

But if it’s not worth their dime

Then it’s not worth their time

As long as they’re in at the next election

Whilst the adults tell their children

Money makes the world go round

But all money ever did

Was tear potential for good to the ground


And whilst we’re on the theme of the Earth

How long can we justify our actions with the word sustainable?

The new age to which we are giving birth

Is by no means maintainable

We tell ourselves electricity is necessary

And how could we live without

Our cars and machines the latest accessory

That races us all about?

I know it’s not that easy

There are advantages these things bring us

But I’m sick of feeling sick of knowing

These things will be our final curse.

So we must find some kind of resolution

To ensure humans and Earth

find a successful solution.

What will they do?

These big tycoons

And where will they turn?

When the trees for their money

Have all been let burn?

But we shouldn’t just shout, scream and shake our fist

Because no one will listen

Yeh we get the gist!

Identify these problems

They’re not too large to be changed

Empower to try and solve them

Rather than become embittered or deranged.


And whilst we talk of power

How far will it stretch?

Crossing borders, following orders

Crueller than Jack Ketch.

There is nothing more important

To a dictator self-proclaimed

Than if you’re insubordinate

Then your final hand is played

There is no limit to their greed

Which they disguise as justice

They’ll control what we all need

Then kill you but they hush this

In these countries flagged so proud

The only laughing point here

Is a real one for the crowd

When the leaders laugh at spreading fear

And in our own country

Built on values sprinkling clean

We let the dictators have their way

Because the copper has a special glean

And still they laugh when I say

Why must it be this way?

They say don’t you understand

It’s the way of the world

It’s like this everyday

But why must we have countries and power

Money and war

Fighting until the last hour

It’s never too late to close the door

On the army attacking beneath the tower.


So take a look about you

And then you might see

Why I find the nuts and bolts of this world

Hard to accept easily

We’re all floating about this green blue rock

In an even greater expanding void

Each knowing as much as each other about how tick came to tock

Yet we assume that our own beliefs should be more employed

Different beliefs crop up all grasping at the same thing

Yet some minorities still take arms and claim

Respect is not the way it’s our song we should sing

And if you disagree I’ll shoot down your ideas

Next it will be your brain

They’ll have the world by their own way of thinking

All its power, money and commodities

But this won’t stop our ship from sinking

Only if we stop committing atrocities

So out of all these ideas we have now explored

Let’s try the most radical of all

Let’s accept love and respect, cliché but mustn’t be ignored

For it’s the only way to find our call

We must come together

Else we shall surely fall apart

How many more books, songs and speeches

Must be inspired by Ghandi and straight from the heart

Until the message finally gets through?

So when this poem’s work is done

What will you do?

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