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The Comedy of Human Progress
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In 1969, we put a man on the moon

We went further than ever, that July afternoon

The human race has invented airplanes, satellites and vaccines to save us from doom

And if we don’t have the answers, well the internet will tell us soon

Yet for all these achievements, it may be prudent to say

Just take a look at the world we live in today

Does it reflect the progress we have made?

Does it demonstrate the best of the human race?

Because forgive me for saying that all these achievements wear thin

Because in 2020, we can’t still accept that people have different coloured skin

We even know the science behind it- it’s to do with melanin

Why is this even an issue for some people?

Thus, the comedy of human progress begins


You see we have come so far as a species

Yet some still hold us back

Their ignorance and hatred instigates racist attacks

Why is it even a problem that some people are black?

Get over it and get educated is it really worth killing someone over that?

Now I know the colour of my skin may be white

But that doesn’t mean that I’m indifferent to a minority’s plight

I don’t have to be black to join this fight

Or to be outraged and say this isn’t right

I don’t think it should just be coloured people raising their voice

If all societal groups say no to racism and make that choice

Maybe the elite and the police will hear our ploys

They’ll have to answer our call when they hear our collective noise


Because the world is run by the elite who perpetuate division

They keep the rich rich, the poor poor and they encourage this partition

Look at who is in The White House; would you hail him leader of the free?

The president of the divided states who shuts down free speech?

Yeh Trump censors the media like his position is child’s play

It’s so scary the world we live in today

While Boris covers up the actions of his political aide

Because it’s not do as we do it’s do as we say

Yeh Boris will make sure corporations get out of their tax

Then retire to Branson’s island with champagne to relax

As long as gross inequality remains intact

As long as his Etonian privilege remains a hard fact


It is not a coincidence that our two nations were the ones that responded to Covid-19 too late

Or that divided communities are still a common occurrence to date

So, America take a good hard look at yourself

Look at the voice you elected; does it speak for you as well?

Has it managed this crisis and protected public health?

Or does the death toll demonstrate its incompetence like a show and tell?

Look at its response to the outcry of injustice

Does the voice still speak for you or is it trying to hush this?

Use your voice to say that this is no longer acceptable

To drown out the voice that was always unelectable

And in the UK let’s get Boris out and fund our NHS

And not let Etonian privilege decide there’s one rule for one and another for the rest

Not relax things too soon for political motives but claim it’s for the best

Whilst hundreds are still dying daily with pain in their chest

So take a look at the world we live in today

After thousands of years we still kill each other because our skin looks a different way

We are still ruled by the corrupt who dance to inequality’s tune

We can’t get past this, yet we put a man on the moon

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